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Monday, April 25, 2011

Breakfast of Champions


      Another awesome accidental breakfast! Well, I wouldn't call it an accident per se; more of a compilation of some stuff I already had in my fridge. Really satisfying, healthy, and pretty damn delicious - this was the ultimate breakfast sandwich. In fact, I would probably have it again for all other meals of the day, including a midnight snack.

I hate to skimp on the recipe, but it was so simple that I think I would offend some people if I were to provide a recipe.

So here's the deal - toasted whole wheat pita topped with a shmear of cream cheese (you can use a tiny bit of creme fraiche or sour cream instead), topped with a few thin slices of cucumber, followed by smoked salmon, a poached egg, and finally a roughly chopped salsa of tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro. The contrast of flavors and textures in this baby makes it good enough to salivate over for the rest of your day.

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