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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preggers, again?

No, not me! Don't worry. I just gave birth 6 months ago. I know some people do it, but I am not a baby-making machine. Besides, I'm still recovering from labor. 

Actually, it's my sister whose pregnant, and it's a pretty convenient situation for the both of us. Why, you ask. In just a few months, I will partake in possibly the biggest spring cleaning ever, ridding my house of baby swings, bassinetts, bouncers and mounds of baby clothing. It's fantastic, I get so excited just thinking about it! As for my sis, she gets to soak up all the pregnancy nutrition info still so fresh in my head. On occasion, I'll even cook for her.

You see, I was an obsessive control freak when it came to my own pregnancy nutrition, steering clear of foods that had even the slightest risk of causing me or my baby harm. Making fun of my paranoia then, my sister, now in my shoes, relies on me as her personal pregnancy diet guru. She literally won't put anything in her mouth without calling me first. She also calls me to discuss the significance of her cravings.
So every now and then I'm assigned the task of satisfying her cravings for foods that she's not allowed to eat. It's not easy, but someones gotta do it.
This week's challenge - making pregnancy-safe homemade ice-cream and sushi.
If my sister could live off of one thing for the rest of her life it would be either ice-cream or sushi. Give her both, and she'd be one happy camper.
I know what you're thinking. Sushi restaurants offer plenty of cooked sushi rolls, right? So why bother making your own?
When I was pregnant, I avoided all sushi rolls (cooked or not) while eating out, for fear of cross-contamination. Call me crazy, but I wanted to be safe. And besides, it's funner to make your own (you can make your rolls extra large!)

Same goes for ice-cream. Store-bought ice-creams are, for the most part, pasteurized and safe for pregnant women. But sometimes you just want to have fun and test out that ice-cream machine that's been waiting patiently in its box since your wedding day.

So the game plan is to create a cooked (and preferably nutritious) sushi roll & a decadent home-made ice-cream that does not use the typical creme anglaise base (a custard made from egg yolks and cream or milk). This should be interesting...

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